Salads, Salad, raw vegetables and vegetarian food collected by Shohreh

Salad recipes for hot and light salads collected by Shohreh in Springsallad. All kinds of salad recipes and descriptions. Salad with a meal and as an appetizer. Filling salads. Light salads and fruity ingredients Greek salads and potato salads. Recipes for mildly spiced salads. Hot salads with exotic spices, perfect for appetizers. Hot salads, hotly spiced salads. Fresh vegetables give salads an extra boost of flavor. The recipes on Spring salad are written by Shohreh Montakhabi, Shohreh. The Calligraphy in the background in this site is taken from Amir Mousavis Calligraphy works collection. Amir Mousavi calligraphy and senior lecturer in Mashad Technical Institute between 1980-2007. You can find some more of his work on this site.

Salads collection in spring sallad by Shohreh- Portal for Salads and cold-buffets. Collected recipes for nutritious salads, light salads, spicy salads, vegetables and vegetarian food.

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New Spring Salads

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Pineapple salad

A crunchy and quite hot salad A salad with few ingredients and delicious blend of flavors and fragrances. Read the recipe through the link below.

Bulgur salad

Cooking is simple: Colourful and filled with protein. This salad is perfect for active people that do sports or other demanding activities during their days. Read more here:

Noodle salad

Strong and wholesome salad with nutritious ingredients. This salad includes: pea shoots, pumpkin, red peppers, tomatoes, etc.
Read the whole recipe below.

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